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Septembre 2012

MystérioscopeSamedi22Septembre(Septembre 22)14h00Samedi13Octobre201214h00 - 18h30 Studio FotokinoTags:Exhibitions More info

Détails de l'évènement

Whether through kinship or out of a desire to take a step back in time, many creators are turning DIY into an art form and handcrafted special effects into a new language. They use gravity, angles, sound, editing or light effects in order to trick their audience with the very same methods used by George Méliès more than a hundred years ago. And as always with cinema, the most important is to believe in it!

In the form of an installation, Mystérioscope displays in our space a selection of recent films that illustrate this trend, somewhere between abstract daydreams and animation that turns the growing dematerialization of images on its head. With in particular films by Max Hattler, Johan Rijpma, Flatform, Sarah Wickens, Thomas Mankowsky… and an installation/projection of a selection of “System D” videos directed by Éric Bernaud.

• Two Bagatelles, by Norman McLaren (Canada, 1952, 2’)
• Sorry I’m Late, by Tomas Mankovski (Royaume-Uni, 2007, 3’)
• Escamotage d’une dame chez Robert-Houdin, by Georges Méliès (France, 1896, 1’)
• Tape Generations, by Johan Rijpma (Pays-Bas, 2011, 2’39)
• What Light trough yonder window breaks, by Sarah Wickens (Royaume-Uni, 2010, 4’)
• 57600 secondi di notte e luce invisibili, by Flatform (Italie, 2009, 5’)
• Aanaatt, by Max Hattler (Royaume-Uni, 2011, 4’45)

Date et horaire

Sam 22.09.12, 02h00 - Sam 13.10.12, 06h30


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