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Octobre 2020

Hannah WaldronSolmaniaSamedi10Octobre(Octobre 10)14h00Dimanche22Novembre202014h00 - 18h30 Studio FotokinoTags:Exhibitions More info

©Hannah Waldron

Détails de l'évènement

Ten years ago, Hannah Waldron discovered and took the technique of weaving to create her own graphic language, between figuration and abstraction. Since then, she has put her illustrating practice into brackets and has continued to explore the possibilities offered by textile support, combining geometric patterns, colors and frames, drawing sensitive and poetic maps, visual transcripts of a trip or landscape.

For her first monographic exhibition in France, Hannah Waldron presents at the Studio a collection of works including sketches, ceramics, drawings and tapestries. Through the symbolism of the sun, a source of life and light, the English artist weaves with his recent pieces stories imbued with cosmology and mythology, while prodring the representation of space and time.

Date et horaire

Sam 10.10.20, 02h00 - Dim 22.11.20, 06h30


Studio Fotokino