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Fotokino | Sabine FinkenauerFotokino | Sabine Finkenauer

Juin, 2021

Sabine FinkenauerThe Funambulist on the Edge of a Gentle GeometryTags:ExhibitionsSamedi 12 JuinDimanche 1 Août14h00 - 18h30 Studio Fotokino More info

Sabine Finkenauer, « La Funambule sur le fil d’une tendre géométrie », juin-août 2021.

Détails de l'évènement

Born in 1961 in Rockenhausen (Germany), Sabine Finkenauer graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. After having practiced sculpture for a long time, she broadened her work to other mediums, painting in particular, at the beginning of the 1990s, when she moved to Barcelona.

The forms that Sabine Finkenauer invents have an essential simplicity and a carefree elegance. She draws on paper, paints on canvas, creates collages or sculptures mixing colors, constructions, rhythms, that evoke architectures, familiar objects, ornaments, and vegetal elements. For a long time, the titles she gave to her works referred to natural forms: clouds, flowers, drops, trees. More recently, when titles are given, they refer more to their function or their graphic framework: curtain, bench, mill, frieze.

The pieces presented at Studio Fotokino, made in 2020 and 2021, bear witness to the gradual separation she makes with figuration, experiencing, through the series, the infinite possibilities of a geometry that plays on the field that paper delineated. A drawing leads to another, from a form arises another, and emotion stems from the modesty of the form, from the fragility of the line. Geometry is then the vehicle of a deeply human imperfection: it is not authoritarian, on the contrary, it is tender and loving with the viewer. “They are all dancing, the squares squeezed at the waist, the plumped triangles, the parallels. It feels like the first time two simple parallels exist, and that only because they end with some ripples! Sabine, a funambulist on the edge of a gentle geometry – nobody does that, how does one do that? She seems unique!”(Elena Blasco, The Funambulist on the Edge of a Gentle Geometry, published by Fotokino, 2021.)




In parallel with her exhibition, we have published a new publication that reviews the most recent series created by Sabine Finkenauer. You can find it for sale on our online store.

Date et horaire

Sam 12.06.21, 02h00 - Dim 01.08.21, 06h30


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