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Février 2017

Super TerrainÀ plaques perdues (With lost plates)Samedi4Février(Février 4)14h00Dimanche26Février201714h00 - 18h30 (26) Studio FotokinoTags:Exhibitions More info

Détails de l'évènement

As part of a research trip around the printed object, the graphic design collective Super Terrain (Super Land) stopped by Marseille to present the results of a week-long residency at the À fleur de pierre Studio (Paris), in collaboration with Laurence Lepron and Étienne De Champfleury. This work presents a plastic experimentation consisting of a multitude of printed combinations, made from three matrices (offset, litho, xylo), three colors and three tools allowing a progressive degradation specific to each of these matrices.

An in-situ residency of the Super Terrain collective took place in February and gave rise to a Riso publication.

Date et horaire

Sam 04.02.17, 02h00 - Dim 26.02.17, 06h30


Studio Fotokino