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Juin 2020

VariationsJin Angdoo, Sabine Finkenauer, Marine Pagès, Geoffroy Pithon, Alexis Poline and Hannah WaldronMercredi17Juin(Juin 17)14h00Dimanche26Juillet202014h00 - 18h30 Studio FotokinoTags:Exhibitions More info

Détails de l'évènement

This exhibition is the result of a contingency: with the health crisis declared, we had to postpone the solo shows of Hannah Waldron, Lisa Mouchet and Sabine Finkenauer. How can we invent an answer in such a short time? How do you take the risk of another cancellation? To carry on our desire and our mission defending the work of artists, quite badly hit and hardly helped in the current times.

We have decided to invite artists to lend us some of their works. Either hand delivered, for those who live in the region, or by sending them over if they were unable to get to us in person. So that’s for the backstage of this exhibition, but if these circumstances’ restrictions have governed the modus operandi, they don’t say much about what we are given to see: paintings and drawings. Playful works, which have the simple gesture’s obviousness and requirements, and that present themselves to us with lightness, in these burdensome times.

Thus, these Variations are the sign of a shift, but above all they are pictorial: like musicians who make variations a process that allows them to revolve around a melody, a theme, to explore it and transform it by successive hits, the six invited artists offer us here fragments of series, or entire series. What they have in common is a taste for the repetition of a gesture, a figure, an image. The result is a series of diptychs, triptychs, and sets of ten or twenty drawings that stretch out a movement and together form a story made of lines and color.



Jin Angdoo
Jin Angdoo was born in Seoul, has lived in Paris and currently lives in Los Angeles. Creator of short films full of surprising formal inventions, she has been exploring new creative media for a few years: textiles, paper, but also painting in the public space, notably with the collective Moderne Jazz. The drawings that she presents here are part of a set of bouquets created for her exhibition “Les Fleurs” (The Flowers), realized with Alexis Poline in December 2019 at Coco Velten, during Laterna magica.


Sabine Finkenauer
Mischievous and elementary, the forms Sabine Finkenauer invents have a carelessness grace. Born in 1961 in Rockenhausen (Germany), she now lives and works in Barcelona. She draws on paper, paints on canvas, makes collages or sculptures where colors, constructions, rhythms intersect, sometimes evoking architectural frames, familiar objects or plant structures without ever identifying them with certainty. Instead of her solo exhibition scheduled at the same dates, she presents seven drawings from two series dating from 2009.


Marine Pagès
A graduate of Paris’ Beaux-Arts School, Marine Pagès has lived a long time in Marseilles, and currently resides in Paris. She teaches in art schools and is also co-editor of Roven, a critical review on contemporary drawing, which she created in 2019 with Johana Carrier. The works she presents here come straight out of her studio since they were made during the containment. They are part of an ensemble that she started in 2018, Les Intermédiaires, this title expresses their uncertain status, oscillating between drawing and sculpture. Or more precisely: they are drawings that create a graphic trick making objects appear to our eyes. Little architectures, made of lines and connections.


Geoffroy Pithon
Born in 1988, Geoffroy Pithon lives and works in Nantes. Graphic designer in the Formes Vives group, he is also a painter. Two practices that seem at first glance to be contrary, so many constraints weighing on the first, and so much freedom characterizing the second. However, his art constantly permeates his work, and vice versa: this porosity reflects the desire to develop his own language where colors, words, awkwardness, shapes and figures form a more or less stable, dancing and energetic chorus. He is presenting a series of three recently completed drawings, which will remind visitors of the work seen last year at the Studio in the exhibition “Fripitons”.


Alexis Poline
Born in Angers, Alexis Poline now lives in Marseilles where he develops a work nourished by modern painting as much as by child imagery, and echoing an uncomplicated practice of graffiti. On walls or on paper, he plays with shapes and colors that he wants simple, radical and modular. He presents at the Studio a recent series of drawings entitled Uchi-Komi, created for an exhibition in Nantes last March, which had to close the day after its opening… Studies of landscapes and seasons, the fruit of almost daily work, like an uchi komi, a Judo exercise that consists of repeating a movement.


Hannah Waldron
Ten years ago, Hannah Waldron discovered and seized the technique of weaving to create her own graphic language, between figuration and abstraction. Since then, she has put her practice as an illustrator on hold and has never stopped exploring the possibilities offered by the textile medium, combining geometric patterns, colors and patterns, drawing sensitive and poetic cartographies, visual transcriptions of a journey or a landscape. Last April, her first solo exhibition in France was about to open at the Studio. Postponed to the Fall, the pieces she presents here (two tapestries and preparatory sketches painted in gouache) will help us wait a little.

Infos complémentaires

Free entry from Wednesday to Sunday from 2 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.


Security measures related to COVID-19:
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