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Fotokino | Sound and VisionFotokino | Sound and Vision

Décembre, 2021

Sound and VisionRichard McGuireTags:Exhibitions,Laterna MagicaVendredi 3 DécembreDimanche 30 Janvier14h00 - 18h30 Studio Fotokino More info

Richard McGuire, exposition « Sound & Vision », Studio Fotokino, décembre 2021-janvier 2022.

Détails de l'évènement

How to summarize Richard McGuire’s artistic life in a few lines? Impossible! But let’s try anyway: at the turn of the 1980s, barely out of school, he roamed the streets of New York pasting drawings on the walls, or posters announcing the next concert of his band, Liquid Liquid.

On stage or in the galleries, he rubs shoulders with those who will shape the art of the 1980s, and then begins to respond to illustration commissions, mainly from The New Yorker. He also publishes children’s books and practices animation, while editing his own games and toys. In 2014, he produced a book that will remain an essential piece of comic book history: Here, which tells us the story of a piece of house through time, by means of a dizzying graphic system (which earned him the prize for best album at the 2016 Angoulême Festival). Since then, he has continued his research, mixing his interest in sound with his interest in drawing and art in general, in a spirit of perpetual experimentation. This is what this exhibition reveals, a miniature retrospective of sound and images, rhythm and movement. Sound and Vision.

Flagship exhibition of our 18th edition of the Laterna Magica festival!


Date et horaire

Ven 03.12.21, 02h00 - Dim 30.01.22, 06h30


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